Nigel Clarke

Job title: Assistant Manager

Background: I’m the Assistant Manager of the Weybridge branch, having worked for Prestige for 2 years now. I owned a jewellery shop for 25 years, so I have specialist knowledge of jewellery and watches.

One of my most memorable Prestige moment was when I had client who phoned to say that she had an antique bowl for sale, so I told her to bring it in store so we could take a look. When she arrived, I realised I had misheard her – she had brought a rather creepy looking antique doll, with no hair and wide, staring glass eyes! What I didn’t realise is that my colleague, Helen, is terrified of antique dolls, and when I brought it in to the office, she screamed ‘Get that thing away from me!’

As well as dolls, bowls and antiques, I’ve also appraised a very rare coin set with 60 diamonds, to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. It was so rare that it was virtually priceless – only 60 sets were produced! It was great fun to research. I’d never seen anything like it before, nor since.

Twitter: @prestigepawn