James Constantinou

James ConstantinouJob Title: Director

Background: My background is in property development, but I’ve always been an entrepreneur ever since leaving school and I love the thrill of closing a big deal. I launched Prestige Pawnbrokers in 2009 and since then I’ve built up a fantastic team of experts who really know their stuff, and I’m proud of the work they do in moving the business forward. Opening our Manchester store in 2016 was a real buzz and I’m looking forward to opening more stores in the coming years.

We’re really lucky in our line of work as we get to see some really unusual pieces, sometimes of huge historical signficance. My favourite item we’ve bought in is probably the suit of armour. It’s still got pride of place in the Hatton Garden store and the girls have nicknamed it Keith, so I guess it’s here to stay! Although the majority of business is based around high end jewellery and watches, I love my rare supercars and high-tech gadgets – and as you’ll know from the show, there’s no shortage of those!

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