Claudia Valentin

Job Title: Expert Consultant

Background: I’m a specialist appraiser, from years of handling, appraising and dealing in luxury designer items. In fact, I was 4 years old when I got my first ever leather handbag, which was given to me as a gift by my favourite aunt. I was on a train with her and my cousins after a day shopping, and accidentally left it on the train. I cried and cried, thinking I would never see it again, and my cousins reported it lost. Luckily, that same afternoon, rail staff very kindly came to my aunt’s house to return the handbag.

As well as handbags, I love to admire all the unusual and unique items we get in store. The Nutcracker bespoke Chopper bike is one of my favourites – it really is a work of art!

Twitter: @claudia_posh
Facebook: claudia.poshpawn
Instagram: claudia.poshpawn